Public Art Proposals

Bathurst Regional Council is committed to achieving high quality, culturally relevant public art outcomes in the Bathurst region. Council welcomes submissions from artists, community groups, arts organisations, businesses, and independent commissioners for public art proposals that build dynamic public art experiences and reflect Bathurst’s cultural vitality, diverse and inclusive community, and distinct regional identity.

The Bathurst Public Art Program Committee (PAPC) will consider proposals for artworks in public spaces (Council owned and managed land and buildings) and act in an advisory capacity for artwork proposals for private commercial property that is highly visible to the public. Projects must be funded independently, and demonstrate a clear artistic rationale with consideration of public safety and access, materials, fabrication and installation, maintenance and durability, and evidence of community support. Council encourages projects that consider:

  • Wiradjuri art, culture, and heritage
    • the cultural, social, and historic narratives of the Bathurst region
    • the diverse voices and stories of the Bathurst community
    • the architectural sites and heritage character of the Bathurst region
    • opportunities for local artists
    • opportunities that support community participation
    • temporary interventions in public spaces

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