Sponsorship Opportunities

BRAG offers a range of sponsorship packages to suit all budgets. Sponsorship opportunities range from supporting exhibitions to commissioning an artwork, supporting public art projects or making monetary donations or bequests. Click here to download our Sponsorship Package.

Why Sponsor?

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

Sponsorship works in a way that provides mutual benefits for the sponsor and the beneficiary. Sponsorship can improve goodwill, enhance public relations, increase brand awareness, and improve brand image.

Awareness of the sponsor’s brand is enhanced through the publicity of the entity they are supporting. It could be through advertising, or other media such as social media or news articles, or people attending and seeing the branding of sponsors.

Sponsorship can provide a broader reach than advertising, which will only reach a finite audience, depending on the platform.

Cultivating positive and favourable brand associations and enhancing credibility is a benefit of sponsorship. Because of the goodwill factor, sponsors are viewed more favourably, which positively influences their brand equity.

Brand equity is the influence brand knowledge has on the consumer response to the marketing. Brand equity is strengthened when the consumer is familiar with the brand and holds strong and favourable associations with it.

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery is well respected within the local community as well as the wider arts network. Aligning with BRAG brings prestige to your brand, and a mutual benefit with ongoing connections.

BRAG’s reach

BRAG averages visitation of 30,000 people per year. Around 65% of these visitors are from the Bathurst region, and around 30% from other areas of New South Wales, including Sydney.

Public art and off site programs have allowed BRAG to reach more of the community through artwork commissions and projects that contribute to placemaking and storytelling across the Bathurst region.

BRAG develops travelling exhibitions such as Adrienne Doig: It’s All About Me! which is currently touring regional galleries in Victoria and New South Wales. The film made to support this exhibition aired on the ABC arts program, ArtWorks. BRAG’s Void touring exhibition of contemporary Aboriginal art (2019-2021) reached a national audience of 70,000. In 2023-2024, BRAG will be touring Liam Benson: Virtue Without Stain.

The gallery’s digital audience has increased significantly in recent years, with a reach of over 200,000 per year through social media and website engagement.

How will my sponsorship be utilised by BRAG?

Any monetary contribution will be used to assist BRAG to promote the exhibition, artwork commission or program you are supporting through increased advertising and marketing opportunities.

In-kind and other contributions can be negotiated between the sponsor and BRAG.