Join Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) Volunteer Guides for a spotlight talk and walk through of current exhibition Season One: Terrestrial

Held on the second Wednesday of each month, this is a new social series for visitors to learn more about the current exhibitions, Bathurst's vibrant art scene, and to meet like-minded locals!

Date: Wednesday 8 May & Wednesday 12 June

Time: 10:30am

Cost: FREE, refreshments provided by donation online or at gallery reception

Location: Bathurst Regional Art Gallery. Meet staff at reception, all welcome!

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Image: Exhibition view, Betty Russ, A Leakage of Wholes, 2023, found organic objects, PVC, tubing, reusable cable ties, steel, soy-silk, chlorophyll, H2O, sound. Firstdraft, Eora. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Jessica Maurer.